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We're already on fumes going into the holiday weekend here, so in that spirit here's your recharge and refill (as in your cocktail glass) reading list.

--UMichedMe's got a haunting piece on former UM running back Tony Boles. Long, but worth it.

--Michigan=geek school. Why? It's number two on the list of schools logging the most time in World of Warcraft play, surpassed only by the University of Washington. (If we were a Husky fan, we'd seek solace in virtual worlds, too.)

--Tony Barnhart's got a piece on watching Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden speak at the National Football Foundation. According to Barnhart: Paterno = wootest because he's given boatloads of money to the university and become a part of Penn State's life as an institution, and Bowden =wootest because...he got rheumatic fever once and he won't quit his job. We've always found both of those to be inspiring.

--Bob Davie talk footbaw. Bob Davie talk footbaw pretty round spread offense. If you don't know what the spread offense is yet, cushion all the corners in your house with foam rubber and packing tape, wear a bike helmet 24/7, and considering switching from gas to electric lest you become the Sim that sets themselves on fire while trying to make dinner.

--Burnt Orange Nation talks with Kirk Bohls of the Austin Statesman, America's most upright and respectable-sounding daily. He's--prepare yourself--scared of blogs, though he makes an exception for Peter and the boys.

--Someone thinks Charlie Weis is "arrogant." Judging by the comments thread, that someone probably "looks a lot like Wilford Brimley."

--SMQ continues his impressive death slog through all 117 D-1 teams. If he's still typing at the beginning of the season, we'll buy him a bundt cake.

--If none of the above amuses you, the laughing yogi should.

Have a superb holiday weekend--we'll be out Monday, so just watch that laughing yogi thing if you want to know what we're thinking.