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Okay, we'll get this in a better format soon--YouTube, for example, with a bit of editing involved--but for now thank Odell51 for unearthing the most embarrassing bit of fanwear on public display since the alleged pedophile priest wearing a Notre Dame hat trotted out of a courtroom wearing an Irish cap.

Mission accomplished! We're reposting simply because this clip is too good to deny after a late posting yesterday. That, and we haven't had our coffee yet.

Go here and watch the clip until around the 1:40 mark; it's a standard hyperventilating piece about the dangers of the public library. (The obvious solution to all these problems, it seems, is to close the libraries and burn them to the ground. We're all behind this, since, like , who hasn't heard of yet? Hellloooo?) When you see the guy in the OSU sweatshirt, then skip ahead to the 3:50 mark to see the exciting conclusion of the piece.

Assaulting reporters. Mustaches. Masturbating in public libraries. Living with parents. How they ever captured our readership so succinctly, we'll never know.