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Someone impound Mudcat Elmore's goddamned car and save UGA some serious trouble. The cursed car--which has not, thus far, grown attached to Mudcat and killed all rivals for his affections--has claimed another victim, this time Daniel Ellerbe, whose case wound up yesterday in Athens. The linebacker was given two days in jail and two years probation for a drunk driving incident where Ellerbe crashed Elmore's car into a tree. Originally there was a charge of auto theft against Ellerbe, but Elmore helped clarify the confusion regarding exactly why his friend Ellerbe was behind the wheel in the first place:

Ellerbe was accused by police of taking Elmore's 1988 Chevrolet Caprice without his permission, but Elmore said there was a "general practice among the circle of friends to share vehicles," Mauldin said.

Good to know that Richt's players, though driving drunk around Athens, aren't doing in luxury vehicles in Mama's name. An '88 Caprice isn't exactly Escaladery, no matter how many rims you put on it. Still, when was the last time you agreed to share something as big as a car? It's yet another chapter in UGA's long history of petty but bothersome trouble with athletes and cars.

Fortunately, we have just the solution: the UGA Athletic Department Horse Pool. Save on gas, foster ecological awareness on campus, and give the Ag Department a chance to show off some of their fine animal husbandry work. Considering the near-deified status of athletes at UGA anyway, riding around on Arabians would only enhance their rank as a breed apart at the University. Plus: awarding Fulmer Cup points for RUI and trampling geeks on the quad would be far more entertaining than boring old DUI cases.

Total: two points, one for the dui charge, and one for being involved with Mudcat Elmore's santeria-stricken car.

Mudcat Elmore's car: not a 1958 Plymouth Fury.