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Got plans? You know, like starting a family, writing a book, or maintaining United Nations bare minimums of hygiene over the next six months? Cancel them. GameSpot has part one of an interview with Larry Richart and Anthony White, the men behind the ever-swelling playbook for NCAA '07, and it's essential reading for the obsessed gamer sitting at home working their thumbs out with five pound weights sweating the release date.

(The interview also reveals yet another Gator connection to NCAA '07 with Richart, a member of the '96 NC team and the game's East Coast playbook guru. Ever noticed the slightly-more-common-than-the-others montages of The Swamp that pop up prior to the title menu of the game? The lead programmer is supposedly a Florida grad, which may have something to do with the lovingly presented slow-motion shots of dehydrated, shirtless Florida fans screaming at the camera.)

A few of the new formations in screenshot from Gamespot:

The Pistol:


The Trips Stack:


And proof positive Richart is a Spurrier man...the Emory and Henry.

Bow to your sensei.