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Haiku is sooooo 2005. Basho's out, and the man from Nantucket is in as we declare the hot form of verse for 2006 to be...the limerick. Here's a slim sampling of the verse that made Ireland famous, and gave your uncle the format for a thousand uncomfortable embarrassing drunken toasts at the holiday dinner table.

Limerick: the most annoying place to have a conversation in the known world.

Give Reggie's mom her own roof
Now '05's 12-1 has gone poof
Reggie said "Suck it. Bye"
And signed with a real guy.
A name in the driveway, the proof.

Frank Solich, a lightweight in booze,
The DUI case was a ruse.
GHB was the cause
Of his breaking the law
Has Bob Huggins found an excuse?

The Ball Coach demands more cash
From Cocks fundraisers' stash;
Facilities, weights,
We'll recruit across states!
And a new Big Bertha to thrash.

More to come...