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As a young man, freshly bloodied from his latest schoolyard beating at the hands of the girls' chorus, future UGA president Michael Adams vowed to himself to make them all think he was a total, unrelenting assface of a man--every last fucking one of them. Having accomplished this goal and some at the University of Georgia, Adams is taking his "I am a total fucking assface" campaign nationwide, attempting to persuade CBS and the rest of the universe not to use the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" moniker for the UGA-UF game in Jacksonville.

"There are better images," Adams told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "We have requested they not use that nomenclature. The indication is they are sensitive to our concern."

It's on, fucktard. It. Is. On. UGA and UF fans had no common enemy before, but Michael Adams has given us what Mother Nature and centuries of redneck competition couldn't. We propose that instead of referring to the party as the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party," we use the following "better" images instead:

--"World's Largest Fisting Party"
--"World's Largest Coke Orgy"
--"World's Largest Herp-fest"
--"World's Largest Jorts Convention"
--"World's Largest Outdoor Middle Aged Swingers' Ball"

Please--add to the dialogue with your own protest title below.

Michael Adams can kiss the woman's ass.