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Les Miles' phenomenal first season at LSU--shy of the loss to Tennessee that drained Tennessee of all talent, motivation and karma for the remainder of the season and the SEC title game defeat--left very little for Tiger fans to complain about. This became doubly true after LSU gave Art Kehoe and the rest of the Miami offensive coaching staff in the worst beating in recent 'Cane history, the 40-3 braining in the Peach Bowl where the punishment didn't stop with the end of the game---a Miami player involved in a post-game brawl was knocked out by an LSU player swinging a helmet like Sammo Hung in the tunnel.

One thing fans could complain about: Miles' big, dorky white baseball cap, which seems to hit all the tick marks of bad hat choice. It sits too high on his head, the bill juts out like a dork awning, and the sparkling white beanie is visible from space. TigerSmack's been working on this problem. They're just trying to help, really.

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