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According to the venerable Anderson Independent-Mail (via Tigerpundit):

On to college football, where the Clemson coaching staff is perturbed about an alleged last-minute recruiting heist Florida tried to pull with CJ Spiller, who signed with the Tigers anyway.

As the story goes, Florida sent one of its top players on a lengthy drive to see Spiller and keep him busy on the eve of signing day. If the story is true, Florida could be in for some trouble with the NCAA. ...

AAAAAGGGHHH!!! Grab our old Y2K survival kit! Get the gun! SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET THE GUN! Only the strong will survive...

We love it when reporters serve as a direct pipeline for the gripes of a coaching staff, as John Brasier is clearly doing here. Doesn't mean the Clemson staff's lying about the allegation, either; in fact, who couldn't believe that Urban Meyer had a Predator drone, three Bothan spies, and Valerie Plame following C.J. Spiller around on Signing Day, besides sending a key UF player on a long drive to keep Spiller busy that night? We'd believe anything regarding recruiting when it comes to a handful of buccaneer recruiters: Meyer, Orgeron, Carroll, etc.

If you see one of these painted orange and blue, you may be highly touted.

But why not name the player, if the rumor has such legs? Isn't that what the magic word "allegedly" does for the intrepid journalist in question? Or you could just do what the Clemson coaching staff did, which is float an allegation just to muddy the waters for Meyer after a long, bitter recruiting battle for a VHT...which Clemson eventually won. It's not dirty, it's not necessarily false--though proving intent and documenting such a violation would make bringing the charge a fruitless effort on Clemson's part--but it's certainly curious.