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Coaches all have their signature moves. Spurrier has the visor toss; JoePa, the hand clap; Charlie Weis, the [insert fat guy joke of your choice here]; Tommy Tuberville, the "Fear the Thumb" gesture. Though it's early in his coaching career yet, our own Fearless Leader Urban Meyer already has a move most would identify as his best gesture--the point.

This finger destroyed Tyler Palko--fear it!

For our 1998th post, we thought we'd liven up what will prove to be the Rub Al-Khali of the offseason--the long, ugly, waterless stretch between now and the preview guides coming out--with a contest of our own: The Urban Meyer Pointing Challenge. We're looking for our own pointing champion, so crack out the digital camera and take your own best shot at striking Urban's trademark pose. Points will be given for:

Ferocity. Grrr. Get fierce and earn your own post here on

Creativity. Point on the Great Wall of China with a lemur on your head, and we guarantee your victory, along with one of the inaugural t-shirts that should come out sometime in the next week month year soon sometime!

Urbanity. Channeling the tight-assed white guy fury of Meyer will be key.

Send all submissions to harumphharumph at by May 15th. As we receive them, we'll post them for reader review and commentary, which will play a large role in determining exactly who makes it to the finals and who doesn't. Strike a pose!