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An interesting storyline from the Gators' spring practice has been the nomad journey of Cornelius Ingram from 2005's quarterback of last resort to Cornelius Ingram, emerging wideout. Ingram initially slid over to TE, where Tate Casey hadn't exactly been marking his territory effectively, but began to pull down the ball often enough to justify a full-fledged switch to wideout. (HT: WATB)

Ingram wouldn't make you gasp throwing the ball, but in last year's Orange and Blue Game Ingram did display a promising trait; the ability to knock whole academic subjects out of people's brains when he took off and ran. Gatorzone's got him at 6'4", 209, but he hits above his pay grade and is shifty for a giraffe-sized human. To add bonus to bonuses, he threw a TD to Leak on a trick play in practice this week. All very good news for a team still searching for a complete and emerged wideout corps, and a potential make-happy story for a highly touted recruit who quit the eventual national champion basketball team to focus on football.

You, next to either Cornelius Ingram or Dallas Baker.