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Bob Stoops has punted punter Cody Freeby from the team for just kind of generally sucking at life as an Oklahoma Sooner. Freeby, already suspended from the team, refused to "cooperate with his suspension," which we interpret as funneling beer, skipping class, and behaving like most non-scholarship, non-athlete cretins on college campuses do: like a second-degree ass with a PlayStation addiction and five dollars to his name. Freeby's name will no longer describe the cost of his education, however, as the scholarship ends with his dismissal.

This begs the question: how does one fuck up a punting scholarship? That's like getting in trouble on the lacrosse team, and you know how mild-mannered those guys are...especially at prestigious private schools. Bobby Bowden, however, understands the plight of renegade kickers, and will likely roll out the red carpet for the "misunderstood" Freeby at Florida State, paving the way for his eventual pick as the number one draft pick of the Oakland Raiders in 2008 draft.

Al Davis: suddenly madly in love with a punter.