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He had the best center of gravity of any back we've seen in our lifetime; knocking him off his feet was like trying to upend a taxi. If Brian can post videos on Friday, so can we in honor of Cuddles Swindle, who no doubt appreciates the badass factor of a whole reel of Ronnie Brown's greatest hits set to an a capella gospel song that makes us want to move to rural Alabama and start a Christian fundy cult based on football, singing about prison, floods, and women, and life without air-conditioning.

In the interest of fair play--and in accordance with some obscure FCC regulations--we also present a clip of Alabama legends, lest we be hit by a wave of rabid Tider Insider emails about our obvious pro-Auburn stance.

We like our windows intact and brick-free, thank you very much.

Their video relies more on the Braveheart montage approach, which is fine since anything that eschews the use of P.O.D. or other rap-rock in highlights is fine with us.The Penn State goal line stand is still awe-inspiring, though it's wee Van Tiffin who gets the Crimson mafia all weeping into their barbecue.