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Strike one for bloggers: Colin Cowherd will give MZone credit today for the Vince Young Wonderlic Test bit it lifted without credit last week, according to Gelf Magazine. ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz says of the snafu:

"As the internet continues to flourish and grow, these types of issues continue to spark discussion and constructive debate on how to best and properly incorporate the voice of the fan, which is a significant part of what (we) do here." could start by allowing your content to be the game and not the many-armed Cthulu that has become ESPN/Disney? Or allowing facts and outcomes to dictate television coverage? See: USC's coronation, J.J. Redick and Adam Morrison winning their brackets because TEHY R ROXXtarZ, Tiger Woods in anything...

The voice of the fan has very, very little to do with ESPN in its current form. A corporation in an identity crisis does. Anyone out there planning on getting ESPN Mobile? Anyone?

T-shirts most fine, including one made just for Colin's Monday.