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Bruce Feldman is one of the very few writers on who actually could call himself a blogger without abusing the term. We mean that as a compliment, of course, since Bruce not only punchily sums up the college scene using a dizzying array of sources, but actually links to them in his thrice-weekly blog, a rarity on the WWL.

Bruce was kind enough to stop by the Brewhouse last Friday night and have a beer. (Feldman, it should be noted, not only bought us the beer, but defied sportswriter typecasting by not being a three hundred pound buffet monster/skinny, John Clayton nebbish. Feldman looks like he could kick your ass something solid.)

The interview sounds remarkably good for being in a bar, but be warned: someone in the interview thought it would be a good idea to get REALLY CLOSE to the mic to avoid the background noise. That someone is not named Bruce Feldman. We did cover the upcoming season, his background as a sportswriter, and his affinity for the unique flora and fauna of the Miami football scene. Much thanks to him for stopping by and talking with us.