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Yost at MZone is bleeding from his ears in anger at Colin Cowherd of ESPN, who just may have given him the best free pub he could ever get by reading whole chunks of Yost's Vince Young Wonderlic piece on the radio without crediting MZone for the gags.

Is Colin Cowherd the Milton Berle of talk radio? By this, we refer to Berle's notoriety in the comedy world as a first-rate joke thief, and not to Uncle Milty's legendarily enormous, block-out-the-sun penis. In a spasm of journalism, we emailed Cowherd to get a response, and will post it ASAP when and if we get one.

If not, cue Pajamas Media-style blogger hysterics.

Milton Berle, bit-biter, showing everyone the tale of the tape.