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YouTube is the latest internet hole to throw the precious seconds of your life down...and ohhhh, it's so worth the waste. It does have some practical implications, as Matt Meinrod's video of him deadlifting 8 zillion pounds has evidently improved his draft status somewhat after being denied a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA--so what is a time-waster for you is a practically free promotional device for Meinrod. (Follow the links through The Wiz's post.)

Gambatte, sarariman: YouTube helps you most friendly waste work day blue!

In between repeated viewings of The Flaming Lips on Austin City Limits and clips of Jeremy Piven going plaid on Entourage, there's less manipulative, purely "BOOM WATCH 'EM DIE" stuff on there, too, though. Pee Wee Footballers concussing each other. A Penn State 2005 retrospective. A famous incident of a trombone player getting the elbow of death. Something sure to make Georgia fans puke up their biscuits and gravy. (Watch in small view, if you dare.) Evidence why Roy Williams is dangerous to your health. Earl Campbell possibly killing someone.



You call it YouTube. We call it Soma.