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We hesitated on posting this story because...well, dammit, because we were busy hauling up 40 pound beasts from the depths of Mother Ocean while the world discovered that Rhett Bomar, 20 year old Oklahoma quarterback, likes beer. But he does, and sometimes likes to drink it in public, as he did during a Charlotte/New Orleans/Oklahoma City/Sao Paulo Hornets game. This earned him an underage drinking charge handed out by OKC Sgt. J.F. Balderrama, who noticed Bomar taking sips during the game.

We almost hate to hand out Fulmer Cup points for something we were so, so guilty of ourselves in our undergrad career. (The peak of our underage drinking life might have been an incident where a cop knocked our underage selves to the ground to get to another kid who had the misfortune to look not a day over 13. The beer spilled to the ground, instantly splashing any evidence harmlessly on the ground, and gave us a badass "a cop knocked me down now we're really in college!" story.) Guiding shi guiding, as the Chinese say, so we are obligated to award Oklahoma one point for an offense that in Barry Switzer's day would have been considered good citizenship.

No word on whether arresting officer Balderrama had a majestic, flowing blonde mane and matching 'stache.

Related? And misspelled? Either way we'll take the excuse and run with it.