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If you're a regular listener of the 2 Live Stews in Atlanta, you'll know that one of their favorite running gags (or motifs, for the more literary-minded of you) is the concept of "old man strength," usually mentioned in association with their uncle who could take the screws off a bike without using tools.

As impressive as it is to dismantle a huffy with your bare hands, we've got a better suggestion: how about beating up a man twenty years your junior in a street fight? Not impressed? What if you were on the Board of Regents of the University of Georgia? That's exactly what Regent Don Leeburn, who never actually graduated from UGA, did to Mason Bentley, the son of a former mayor of Athens in a fight over barking dogs. (By the way, this is what all sons of privilege in the south should get: a last name as a first name, and an ass-beating from some dude who didn't graduate college.)

And to keep you from thinking this was some sissy-boy slap-fight broken up before anyone split a lip...well, here's what Mason Bentley looked like after the fight:

Fuck you too bitch call the cops
I'ma kill you and them loud ass muthafuckin barkin dogs

This is probably what you get for messing with an old man who earned his fortune selling liquor in Columbus, Georgia.( How could it come as a surprise that a man who made his money selling booze could beat you retarded?) Paul has the requisite giggling and commentary at Georgia Sports.