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We're headed to the swamps of South Florida for vacation, which will leave EDSBS completely unattended for two days, what with us off airboating and shooting dog-sized rats for fun and Stranko gallivanting around in an entirely different hemisphere. Our vacation will involve fishing, alcohol, firearms, and the beach, though hopefully not all at the same time. It will be Florida, which leaves the possibility for Carl Hiaasen-style hijinks involving ex-governors living naked in the swamps, bales of cocaine, automatic weapons, and villains with dead pit bulls hanging off their arms. If the unthinkable becomes the unbearable, we'll try to stay calm and make it to the end of the unfolding Lord of the Flies scenario. Remember: in life, don't be Piggy, be the rock.

Back on Monday with Coaches' Death Match and a whole slew of new stuff.

Orson reminds you: don't be Piggy, be the rock.