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A breaking story on the Fulmer Cup front: Ole Miss offensive lineman Corey Actis was picked up on a classic offseason charge of public drunkenness on Feb. 27, which means the Orgeron, lying sleeplessly in his cave, immediately sprang to action, bounded to the arrest site in four bounds, and stared at the arresting officers until they burst into flame.

Actis, who really should be getting TWO counts of public drunkenness--at 6'5", 295 pounds, that's a lot of man to taser down--but this may just be the start, since the Clarion-Ledger report states that Artis is the at least the fifth member of the Ole Miss football team to be arrested since last January. We're working on the accounting as we speak.

Hey, tasering ain't cheap. Charge public drunkenness by the pound.