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Former Texas safety Michael Huff's fascination--nay, obsession!--with shrimp and pancakes seems to be gaining steam. In an interview with Texas Sports, Huff expounds on his previous comments and admits that most people...well, most people didn't know they even had shrimp at IHOP, and that he's already sizing up his post-NFL career prospects.

Q: So did that include talking about IHOP?

A: Of course, and that drew some chuckles.

Q: So what about buying an IHOP?

A: Yeah, I have to buy an IHOP, then everything will be free. I might change it to International Huff of Pancakes, so it'll still be IHOP, but it'll have a Huff in there, but then I can get my favorite meal -- shrimp and pancakes.

Q: They have shrimp at IHOP?

A: Yeah, that's why I go. They have shrimp and pancakes. I think most people don't know that.

Q: So you're already pitching to be the spokesperson.

A: That's all I've been doing. In every interview I talk about shrimp and pancakes. In my little diaries, I talk about shrimp and pancakes, so I'm putting it out there.

We found a heart-stopping recipe for shrimp-filled pancakes, which to no one's surprise comes to us from the great state of Louisiana.(The ideal site for beta-testing your "Home Angioplasty Kit," if you're looking for test subjects, by the way.) And we found out that when you Google image search"shrimp and pancakes," you get a lackluster slate of images. So we challenge Michael Huff: if you're serious about being the king of shrimp and pancakes, you've got to be the first thing popping up when people search the internets. Texas fans, make it happen: make Michael Huff the internet king of shrimp and pancakes.

Michael Huff= shrimp pancakes. Learn it.