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Fulmer awakes from his slumber and devours the first hapless civilian in his path...Pat Hill rides in on his Harley, covered in the dust of Baja California with a cigarette in his mouth and three dollars to his name...Jim Tressel rides in on his hovercraft in a resplendent new sweater. It can only mean one thing: spring practice has started, the one breath of fresh air afforded to college fans before the long, cold, dark swim to fall.

Fanblogs has the whole list, but there's one spring game we'd like to note in particular: April 8th, Athens, Georgia. We'll be there--ATL bloggers represent! An EDSBS tailgate may be in order, though we'll do as the Romans do and refrain from requesting swamp cabbage stew and Everclear shooters as we're wont to do in Gainesville.

If you're all there, we'll show up wearing jean shorts. We promise.

It's spring agaiiiiiin...