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Decory Bryant plays cornerback for UGA. Decory Bryant plays himself into NFL draft status. Decory Bryant breaks neck (!?!?). Decory Bryant sues UGA for the potential earnings he missed due to his injury, earnings he might have recouped had Bryant not had shit luck and broken his neck the same week he was applying for the insurance policy. (We would guess that a broken neck = preexisting condition.)

Considering the number of lawyers and wannabe lawyers lurking in the readership of this blog, we now open the proceedings for the day, Justice Swindle presiding. Does UGA owe Bryant squat? Besides a lifetime of free rubber chicken dinners, breezy jobs at alumni-owned businesses, and all the other pleasant benefits of being a college football notable living in their home state?

We're taking arguments below. Note: by reading us you're automatically in contempt of court.

Judge Mathis presiding. Mr. Barnett, please sit down and be quiet.