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Urban Meyer's stalkeriffic sales jobs on recruits--and his frenetic text messaging of recruits--drove FSU to new competitive lows techniques this year, including the calling in of a political favor from Governor Jeb Bush for FSU prez T.K. Weatherell. Jeb Bush texted VHT Myron Rolle, who eventually committed to FSU on February 1st, saying that he'd like to "hook up with" Rolle next time when he got to Tallahassee.

Meyer's wondering whose ass he's got to kick to get a little reciprocation in the "Governors booking hot jungle fever action via text messaging" wars:

“I want to meet the governor, and tell him that last time I checked, the University of Florida is a state institution, too,” said Meyer, who was also recruiting Rolle. …

We're hoping Jeb actually extends his relationship with Florida State, even entrusting his own daughter to show FSU recruits around campus on official visits. That would suit our purposes perfectly.

We're hoping for a promotion to "Nole-getter" for Noelle.