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Analysts and recruitniks alike praised the depth and star power of Urban Meyer's 2006 recruiting class. The roster ran deep with highly touted picks like Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin, and Mon Williams, and addressed the pressing needs of the present with an eye towards tomorrow. What recruiting experts and fans alike may have missed, though, was Meyer's final signee on Wednesday, a diamond in the rough few schools wanted to take a chance on:

Predator Glontar, Athlete

A special transfer from Medellin International to Ponte Vedra High School in Florida, Predator Glontar displayed agility and strength Meyer calls "otherworldly" on the gridiron. A double threat, Glontar's often horrifying play at linebacker allowed the school to switch to a 4-1-6 scheme on defense, with Glontar covering the middle to the tune of 238 tackles his senior year while rushing for over 1800 yards on the ground as a halfback playing next to fellow Gator Tim Tebow.

"Glontar's a character kid," said Meyer in a phone call late Wednesday night. "Size. Speed. Only reason he couldn't play quarterback were the saw blades in his hands, which pop the ball whenever he thows. And elusive? He's practically invisible out there with the ball in his hands. We're hopeful that he's over his discipline problems and won't skin anyone out there again."

Glontar brimmed with excitement in his interview, as well.

"Glontar, hunting Predator of all, slave to none but the OverPredator, sought a fertile hunting ground at the University of Florida. He found first-class facilities, and dense foliage surrounding the campus that allows for good hunting. He also found a careless and well-armed student population, which allows Glontar to strike at will when his blood lust seethes in his cold-blooded veins, since Glontar may hunt only those who hold weapons. Glontar is also impressed with the tax law program, which he plans to attend after finishing double major in political science/history of science. "

Recruitnik Tom Lemming had his own special take on Glontar: "Though he had offers from schools that might have been a better fit for him--like Notre Dame, for example--I guess it'll do."