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Today's Word: Truthin', this time brought to you by second-day coach Bret Bielema of Wisconsin, who dismissed miscreant and talent Booker Stanley from the team for his involvement in two nastyish off the field incidents in the past nine months. Bully to Bret for making this decision, since so many of today's namby-pamby coaches pay mere lip service to the idea of discipline. Take us, for example: when we were indicted for selling human organs on the black market in '93, in the midst of our Maxwell Award-winning season at fullback for the San Diego Aztecs, did we cry? No sir we did not, and held our head high as we took the charges with aplomb. Of course, the charges were dismissed; witnesses do sometimes voluntarily flee the country and take flight following the unsolved bombings of their homes, but...isn't THAT what freedom is all about? The freedom not only to stand and fight, but to flee? Bret, we've got our eye on you...and America likes what it sees. [/stephencolbert]

Bret Bielema: he just gets it.