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How did Florida recruit so many quality recruits this year? A hint from today's AJC recruiting fold out:

We asked a few recruits to finish this sentence: The funniest thing to happen to me on the recruiting trail was...
"The Florida coaches took me out to the lake and a very attractive girl in a bikini walked by. One of the coaches said 'Jim, you won't see that at Notre Dame'"

The quotee here is Jim Barrie, an OL prospect with a 3. 75 GPA who intends to become a veterinarian following his playing career. He chose Florida, by the way, though we're sure his interest in the bikini-wearing wildlife of Alachua county had at least a tiny impact on his decision along the way.

Yeah, it's late October here in Gainesville, but it's worth braving the high 70s for a good tan.

ADDENDUM!!! We neglected to mention this study, just published in the Journal of Sex Research by a University of New Orleans scholar:

A University of New Orleans researcher finds that women attending a Southern university appear more likely to have hit, held down or otherwise used physical force to get a reluctant boyfriend to have sex with them than coeds at a rural Midwestern college.

A now scientifically proven selling point not to be forgotten!!! Weather and kink: a delightful combination. (HT:Devil Grad.)

Of course, this also explains why FSU closes so strongly even stealing verbals from Florida every year...

FSU's most famous fans... the Cowgirls.