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We've been accused of being Ohio State "haters." Untrue--we just dislike Jim Tressel, who we think is as fake as tits on a badger. We should also mention that we don't hate Tressel, either. No, we've seen what that looks like, and it's not pretty. For the record, we hate Bobby Bowden, whose evil is both older, more established, and more formidable than Tressel's Pastor of Disaster act will ever be.

Bucks fans: we hate this guy, not Cheatypants. Unlike Bowden, Cheatypants does NOT think Saturday night's all right for fighting.

This guy, however, does hate Jim Tressel. We imagine he has a Michigan degree, or is named Maurice Clarett, which would explain why he writes posts with titles like “It’s A Pity You Can’t Stab Real Hookers.” Give him credit where credit is due, people: at least he understands that the word "hooker" has been scientifically proven to be funnier than "prostitute." (Via Will at Deadspin.)