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Marshall scores a point in the Fulmer Cup standings: Ahmad Bradshaw is free on bail following his arrest for "petit larceny and nighttime burglary."

Does it say something about West Virginia that they differentiate between nighttime and daytime burglary? As in, "Well, your honor, as if crankin' up a winder and ducking into someone's house ain't bad enough, they did it when Walker, Texas Ranger was on. Now that just ain't fair--I couldn't even hear him comin' in, I was so riveted to the tv. I only opened fire when I noticed the tv was gone." Makes a man want to set something on, say...a couch...remember, though, the important lessons from this incident. Burglary, if you're a man, is strictly a nighttime activity.

Don't break into a man's house in WV at night--we're watching Walker, dammit.