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Ex-Miami coordinator Dan Werner heard the call...strange, wild, a pulsing, primal roar shaking him to the lizard brain corners of his limbic system. It was a noise like no other, a preverbal message from a rough beast hundreds of miles away, a window-rattling rallying cry from a creature hungry for blood and gumbo. The hair on his arms stood up, and a faint odor of cooking meat and napalm tickled his nostrils.

The Orgeron had summoned him. There would be no denying his powers.

The Orgeron seems to be calling quite a few ex-Miami assistants these days, actually: Werner, just days after his firing by Larry Coker, may bring along former Miami institution Art Kehoe along with him. Whether both of them will receive the customary Orgeron hug/suplex upon arrival remains to be seen, though both will no doubt remove any earrings they may be wearing and submit to the ritual branding all Orgeron assistants endure upon hiring.

Orgeron, seen here about to backhand a surly fan into an alternate universe just for the hell of it.