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All season long, we've been bringing you the finest in college football lip cozies. We're happy to report that the grandaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl, brings the fury both on the field and in the mustache department. We present the finest examples from both teams' coaching staffs--outside of the Tennessee coaching staff, you'll not find finer facial hair on two staffs in all of this fine nation.

First, Duane Akina sports what we call "The Austin Centipede."

Second, we have USC backs coach Todd McNair with his fine "After Hours Ladykiller."

Jeff Madden, strength and conditioning coach, sports a handlebar 'stache we can only dub "The Buffalo Soldier" mustache.

And we couldn't bring you this edition of Mustache Wednesday without Pat Ruel, who wears a fine soup sponge we're torn on naming. It's either the "Detective Maloney" or the "Uncle Rico." Feedback encouraged below.