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Looking ahead to next season, Austin Murphy of watched USC practice without Leinart and Bush. Although the USC coaching staff has been stroking Booty all season, Murphy sees a potential quarterback controversy in the making between Booty and Sanchez. There is a definite joke to be made here, I just can't bring myself to do it this early in the morning.

Many jokes here, Stranko. First: "HARD PRACTICES DIRTY SANCHEZ." Or even this simple PA call: "SCORE, BOOTY." Or: "O-LINE WHIFFS, GIVES UP BOOTY!" Or maybe our favorite, the inevitable call should Cal finally topple USC next year: "BAY AREA BEARS SLAM BOOTY ALL NIGHT LONG!"

We encourage our filthy-minded readers to leave their own Booty/Sanchez puns below.

A fine mind like Groucho's would think of a Booty-worthy pun.