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What's more disturbing than obese 45-50 year old men talking about how hot Hillary Duff is on your local sports station? How about those same men discussing an 18 year-old football recruit in nearly the same terms? Further proof that recruiting in college sports is mega-creepy via We Are The Boys from the Palm Beach Post.

Tebow's rocket arm and quick feet have caused young men, like Dunlap, to ignore the elements and grown men, like Meyer, to behave like a lovesick teenager, sending notes and calling whenever he can.

Very Death in Venice of them. Another quote got the Gator Country Farkatorium up and running early:

Tebow’s father, Bob, a UF alum: “I have to set aside how I might feel. We’re just trying to find God’s will in the whole process.”

Which Gator Farkers were more than happy to illustrate for Mr. Tebow:

Yes, that's President Machen and Jeremy Foley behind Yahweh, there. Fine work, NoleMan