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Following Arkansas' bold lead in shuffling its coaching staff that we reported on last week, Urban Meyer is taking a hard look at the Gator's program top to bottom and there are some changes being rumored to be in the works. When asked directly about this, Meyer was elusive to our EDSBS Gainesville Correspondent, stating "We haven't made any changes to our staff, but as you know, the SEC is a competitive conference so you always have to stay on your toes."

Unsatisfied with the wishy-washy reponse, our crack correspondent dug deeper to find that Craig Howard, coach of the 4A State Championship Nease program is rumored to be in the running for assistant head coach. Howard is the current coach of Tim Tebow, a great quarterback prospect who, rumor has it, possesses super powers stolen away from the great Chuck Norris. A program insider stated on a condition on anonymity "this has absolutely nothing to do with his relationship to Tebow, but did you know he's between Florida and Alabama?"

The word is that Tim Tebow doesn't read playbooks. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

To assuage growing concern that Meyer is unable to develop young quarterbacks, he has turned to a newcomer to the coaching ranks, Patricia Portis, who is rumored to be in as the new quarterbacks coach. She's known for public espousing that all young quarterbacks need a real opportunity to earn the starting role from day 1. For the position of recruiting coordinator, the word on the street is that it will be filled ably by the pride of Five Points, Ki Toy Johnson, whose connections in the State of Georgia and "juicy booty" should be invaluable in the recruiting process. She came highly recommended by ex-Buffalo coach Barnett.