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In case you tuned out when the score got to 56-3, we don't blame you, but a sickening hit late in the Colorado-Texas game gave Joel Klatt the most obvious on-field concussion since...well, since another one of Gene Chizik's assassins hit Reggie Brown so hard last year we thought he was dead on impact.

Here's the video.

Add that to the infamous Junior Rosegreen "Cruciatus" hit on Reggie Brown last year and combine it with, oh, say, this screenshot from Joey's fantasies, and Chizik's defense's thug rating lies somewhere between C-Murder and Charles Taylor, former Liberian leader whose "He killed my ma, he killed my pa, I'm voting for him anyway" slogan holds a lofty rank in the roster of "Brutally Honest Campaign Slogans."

Chizik is Ukrainian for "Helmet to helmet."