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Our hats are again off to Brian from MGoBlog for the idea and impressive execution of the Blog Poll. Sure, the final poll has been looking increasingly like the AP and Harris as the season has progessed, but there has been alot of fun snarking and spirited debate along the way. And heck, the Polls had Texas and USC numbers 1 and 2 all year.... and they were right.

1. Texas. They put an exclamation point on their impressive season with a de-pantsing of our favorite Sooper Genius coach, Gary Barnett in the Big XII Championship game.

2. USC. Do you think Reggie Bush was humming "Anything you can do I can do better" while thinking of Vince Young and Texas as he made fools of the UCLA "defense" on Saturday? If he wasn't, we certainly were.

Texas and USC were annointed from the beginning. Those who write the storylines for ESPN should be happy nothing fowled that up.

3. Penn State. As we predicted at the outset of the season, Penn State wins the Big X, finishes 3rd in the nation and goes on to play in the Orange Bowl. Right.

4. Ohio State: It can get a little chilly at night in Tempe in January. Perfect weather for a sweater vest.

5. Notre Dame: A victory over a really solid Ohio State team would answer alot of the questions people have about this squad which were caused by what turned out to be a lackluster schedule aside from USC. Before you feel the need to comment about this, their schedule looked great on paper and we do not believe it is in any way Notre Dame's fault that Tennessee took the gas pipe this year and Michigan underachieved... they are not chickens.

6. Auburn. Tuberville gets to pillage and plunder in this year's Capital One Bowl against Wisconsin. Decent matchup, but I would have loved to see them matched up against Oregon in the battle of the Ohio State runner-ups.

7. Georgia: Great performance against LSU. Not Texas or USC great, but great nontheless.

8. Oregon: If they feel like they were screwed they better not pull a Cal and fold in the bowl game.

Oregon players lining up to take it up the tailpipe by the BCS power brokers.

9. West Virginia. Still struggling for respect despite having only one loss. Well, they'll have that chance now in the Sugar Bowl.... in Atlanta (still seems weird).

This is where the poll gets sketchy. Frankly, we could arrange the next few teams in any number of ways and feel about as confident in it.

10. Miami: They only news hear is with former Cane Irvin. Do you believe his excuse????? One more thing to hate about ESPN we suppose.

11. Alabama: Rising by virtue of others' failings.

12. LSU. Georgia beat them up. Anyone know the prognosis of Russell yet? That could be huge for the Peach Bowl.

13. Virginia Tech. We blame this lose on the residual of Miami's manhandling of Tech and the blow they gave to Marcus Mexico's confidence. What a collapse.

14. TCU. They have the opportunity to get a BCS scalp a in the bowl season.

15. Florida. FSU rolled over, but that was still the Gator's best performance of the year. Finally the offense looks like a blend of Meyer's spread system with some tweaks to protect the quarterback from certain death.

16. Louisville: How will the scheme hold up without Brohm in the bowl game?

17. Boston College. The following teams are rising by default.

18. Texas Tech.

19. UCLA. They looked about as good as Temple.

20. Wisconsin.

21. Michigan.

22. Oklahoma.

23. Iowa

24. Georgia Tech

25. Florida State: They salvaged a horrible season by pulling off the improbable upset.