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Suzy Shuster asks the best question of the year to Sooper Genious coach Bill Callahan, who gets points here for getting through the interview without bellly-flopping to the turf and rolling on the ground with laughter. Bill, though, did take "one of the most gratifying dumps" he's had in front of thousands, so perhaps he should lose points, too. For the record, ours was in the Peace Hotel, Shanghai, October of 1999, following a breakfast of dim sum and wicked strong coffee. It had it all: a great setting, ample reading material, a sense of substantial tension broken with the mild endorphin rush following, a tidy launch capped with flawless departure from the launchpad. Click here for further opinions on the world's finest--and most unacceptable--places to take a grumpy.

Watch for Callahan's expression at the final frame, where he just realizes what he just answered.

(Thanks to reader Sigmike.)