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Only one more week to go before the bowl season is upon us. It is a bittersweet time in college football. So, without further ado, we give you our melancholy addition of our Blog Poll Ballot.

1. Texas. They struggled a bit, but it was a rivalry game and USC was idle leaving us only with the memory of almost losing to Fresno State, who was losing to Nevada, so Texas stays put.

2. USC. Despite the close calls, the winning streak speaks for itself.

3. Penn State. There are a whole bunch of UCLA fans in the northeast this weekend.

4. LSU. That was a close one, but Arkansas was a much improved team as the year progressed. They probably would have one the Big XII North if they were over there.

5. Virginia Tech. Beamer ball was back and in full effect. But I am still wondering what the hell happened to Marcus Mexico?

6. Ohio State.

7. Notre Dame: Close call. Notre Dame looks great at times, but I am still left a little unsatisfied by the fact that their best win was a close loss to USC.

8. Auburn. Who wants to play them in the bowls???

9. Oregon: There best win is who?

10. UCLA. The are still alive for a BCS appearance and hero worship status in Louisianna or Pennsylvania.

11. Georgia: Did both offenses forget to show up for the game on Saturday? Be that as it may, the Dawgs have to be happy that they tookout Tech for the 5th straight year.

12. Miami: They took care of business, but didn't do anything to impress in the process.

13. Alabama

14. West Virginia. Too bad USF choked last week as it would have been a pseudo championship game in Tampa this week.

15. TCU. Taking over for Fresno State as the quality mid-major thanks to the Nevada debacle.

16. Florida. FSU rolled over, but that was still the Gator's best performance of the year. Finally the offense looks like a blend of Meyer's spread system with some tweaks to protect the quarterback from certain death.

17. Louisville: How will the scheme hold up without Brohm in the bowl game?

18. Boston College. The following teams are rising by default.

19. Texas Tech.

20. Wisconsin.

21. Michigan.

22. Oklahoma.

23. Iowa

24. Georgia Tech: Tough loss.

25. UCF. Why not. I mean, who is really getting screwed by UCF being ranked.