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When you're 76 years old, we suppose you reach a level of comfort with yourself. You know what you like to eat, when you like to wake up, and how many times you need to shake your willy to avoid the embarrassing post-urination drip down the leg. Bobby Bowden's evidently reached that point, since he's admitting things in interview we never imagined he'd say. For example, his recent stresses involving his ongoing tolerance of his son's mangling of the FSU offense have really brought out some candid comments about the adult film industry's choice of male leads. Our favorite from today's Tallahassee Democrat article:

"They want to see somebody hung. I don't buy that."

Bobby, millions of porn fans couldn't disagree more with you.

Sorry, Johnny Wadd--Bowden's not interested.

P.S. Not sure how to work this in, but Farkmeister Mr. Two Cents has the coldest photoshop we've ever seen posted below. Safe for work, but so wrong we almost have to like it. if you dare.