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After you are done giving thanks for all the important stuff, remember to also give thanks for the joy and pain of college football. If you are at a loss for what to be most thankful for, here is our list of some suggestions, in no certain order:

1) Joe Paterno's resurgence.

2) Getting to watch two dynamic college players, Reggie Bush and Vince Young, putting on a spectacle to win the Heisman.

3) Steve Spurrier is back on a college sideline (even if it isn't Florida's)

4) We can remember Prothro for that catch and not just the horrific leg break.

5) Love them or hate them, Notre Dame is relevant again.

6) Great finishes .... ND v USC, UM v. PSU (or OSU), Alabama v. LSU....

7) Katrina dampened but didn't destroy the college football traditions of the Gulf coast.

8) Tailgating at your alma mater.

9) A season full of surprises like Oklahoma, Tennessee, Oregon, TCU ect.

10) The season isn't over yet!

Tell us what you are most thankful for.