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Every so often college football fans are privileged to watch a truly special athlete who is just head and shoulders better than everyone else on the field. I felt that privilege in watching Michael Vick at Virginia Tech. I was treated to that again these last three years with Reggie Bush. So, Reggie, as a college football fan I just want to thank you. It is a privilege to watch a master like you work.

The Notre Dame game was one of the best performances of the season by a college football player, rivaled mostly by Bush's Heisman competition, Vince Young's, performance against Oklahoma State. Well, Bush blew that away with 513 all purpose yards against a good defense in Fresno State. But it wasn't just the total that was mind boggling. It was the style in which they were gained that impressed me most. It did not matter if everyone knew Bush was getting the ball, the defense was powerless to stop him. Whether it was a draw on third and a mile that went the distance or a punt return, the stadium was electric each time he touched the ball. Bush proved that he is clearly the best player in college football this year and perhaps the best in a decade. They only thing keeping him from the Heisman is the fact that he shares the backfield with White and Leinhart (both Heisman-quality players) and Vince Young (a worthly player himself) doesn't have that burden. But regardless of what happens in the Heisman race, Bush's season and indeed his college career, will be one of college football folklore.