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We would be remiss if this blog, a cornerstone of the internet's Chan Gailey fan club, didn't make some mention of the reaming Georgia Tech took this week from the NCAA. Paraphrasing Gunslingers, Tech's gonna get the 7th Floor Crue treatment twice this week, first at the hands of the Rules committee, and second from the Miami Hurricanes on the field.

In addition to limited scholarships (79), taking the loss of six signees, and two years of double secret probation, Tech is being forced to vacate 71 games where ineligible players took the field, including the entire 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2002 seasons.

The best analogy we can think of for this comes from a scene in Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver. The hero, Jack Shaftoe, watches dispassionately as a Dutch slave trader gets sodomized by a Barbary Pirate. His response: "That butt-fucking is like something out of the Bible!" (The killer next line from his compatriot: "There's no butt-fucking in the Bible!")
Though Tech plans to appeal, for the moment Tech has been caught by the pirates of the NCAA, and that barrel isn't going anywhere for a while.

Golden Tornado has geek-intense coverage of the unfolding fiasco and the appropriate amount of "D-Fens" like rage at the admin who flubbed Tech into this shitstorm to begin with.

Does anyone think there's any poetic justice, though, in Chan Gailey's forgettable tenure at Tech being forced to literally disappear from the books entirely?

Hell hath no fury like a Techie scorned.