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We saw two teams stomp en masse on their hosts' logos this past week: Indiana took a good thorough hop on the Michigan 'M', and Rutgers (!?!) held a step show on the Louisville Cardinal. (We giggled as Kirk Herbstreit, whose work has been approaching max Q awesomeness lately, pointed out that you shouldn't mess with the Cardinal since it has both a beak AND a full set of teeth.)

Great move! Indiana was turned to a pillar of salt by Michigan, who rolled up 41 on the Hoosiers in a single half. Rutgers didn't enjoy the same mercy, though; after a chippy first half that ended 21-5, Petrino the Merciless brought the pipes in a 28-point third quarter where qb Brian Brohm hit everything he wanted to, including Greg Schiano's wife with 2 minutes left in the third. Louisville continued passing well into the fourth quarter.

A slightly annoying off-Broadway show, and also a most ineffective motivational tactic!