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We thought of this question watching the Falcons enter this season to the tune of T.I.'s "Bring 'em Out." It's really a badass moment, especially after the lameass "Falcons Football" Travis Tritt-ish crap song they have used at Falcons games, seeing the players explode through the tunnel as T.I. raps about how big his nuts are. It's really a quintessentially Atlantan moment, especially if you're sitting in the nosebleeds with fifty drunk black guys leaping out of their seats and singing along.

That is a pro moment, but the thought stuck with us throughout the week. What teams would emerge to what songs if they had to forego their fight songs?

A few suggestions to get things going:

1. Alabama: "Sweet Home Alabama" is just too facile for us, and really just makes you want to go drink cheap beer outside, not knock someone retarded in a football game. We instead opt for "Black Betty" by Ram Jam, which makes us want to leave the trailer, drink a fifth of cheap whiskey and start a bar fight with a lit road flare.

2. Rutgers: "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi. Or some "ain't hairspray frickin' awesome!" song like that. The fact that they haven't done so yet is a crime against Camaros.

Carl would think it was frickin' awesome.

3. Miami: "Doo Doo Brown" by the 2 Live Crew. No explanation needed. Hearing the Orange Bowl crowd scream "Shake them ti-tays, shake shake them ti-tays ba-bay!" would be nothing short of sublime.

4. USC: "Drop It Like It's Hot." He's already on the sideline--just ask him and it's a fait accompli. The band could hold the infectious beat the whole game.

5. Georgia Tech: "She Blinded Me With Science." Some technical university needs to dork up and just take this one before it's claimed. Again, the crowd screaming out "SCIENCE!" in unison would be pure magic.

Make your own suggestions in the comments below.