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Doc Pedro takes a break from less important matters, like medical school, to surface again and give us his diagnosis of how to fix the BCS.

Let me start out by saying that Virginia Tech’s loss this weekend did more to hurt the BCS then help it. How can this be you say. Well, Miami showed that the best team at the end of a season is not necessarily the best team at the beginning of the season.

So next you say we need a committee to decide who plays in the championship game. Nope that doesn’t work either people are subjective and inherently full of bias for one reason or another. ie. Take a look at this week’s AP poll with a one loss Miami ahead of an undefeated Alabama. Objective computers that factor human components are the way to go. The problem with the BCS is that it does not select enough teams; thusly not allowing teams to settle the National Championship on the field.

What I am proposing is a BCS playoff system, using the current BCS computer ranking systems. What makes me “Doc Pedro” qualified to make a grandiose proposal of this nature: nothing really other than a lifetime of love for college football, an Ivy League degree with a graduate specialty in the study of systems and their related outcomes.

Read through the whole proposal and how the system would play out if it were in place this year and then let me know what you think.

BCS Playoff System Structure:

First: Mandate that all major BCS conferences have a championship game on the first weekend in December.

This will include the Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, SEC, ACC, and Big East (if you can still call them a major conference). Then take the 4 highest ranked teams not involved in a championship game, using the traditional BCS formula, and pair them up in match-ups on this same weekend. These games will be played at the conferences designated championship sites; with the four at large teams playing at two of BCS bowls, rotating on a yearly basis. (There are currently 4 BCS bowls ROSE, SUGAR, FIESTA, and ORANGE)

This will serve as round one of the BCS playoffs. The highest watched weekend of Sports in US history, generating revenue previously unfathomable to TV executives and University presidents. At the same time attracting a whole new audience and demographic of college football fans.

Note: Teams that lose in this round will still be eligible to play in late December bowl games such as the Peach, Outback, and Citrus bowls.

Bye Weeks: Two week bye period allowing students to prepare for and take final exams. This could be a one week bye period depending on the calendar of the particular year.

Second: Round two will be played at the higher ranked schools home campus. Generating boat loads of money, hype and recognition for universities and their respective conferences as well as for college football itself.

Also on this weekend traditional bowl month would begin. Meaning games that are traditionally around this time would be played. This weekend will correspond with the beginning of traditional winter break allowing teams and their fans to travel to the games.

Third: Round three of the playoffs will be played at the site of the other two BCS bowls. These games will be played on New Year’s along with other traditional Bowl Games.

The Championship Game: Once and for all pitting the best two teams in the country. Crowning perhaps the first true College Football National Champion in this nation’s proud history. This will be the most highly watched single sporting event in the US, eclipsing March Madness, the World Series, NBA championship and even the Super Bowl.

Here is how it would play out if the BCS playoff system were in use this year. Using the traditional BCS formula and BCS standings from this current week.

Round 1: December 3rd, 2005

16 teams (12 conference leaders and 4 at large teams)

SEC: Georgia vs Alabama….Georgia Dome (Atlanta, Georgia)

Big 12: Texas vs Colorado….Reliant Stadium (Houston, Texas)

ACC: Florida State. vs Miami….Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville, Fl)

Big 10: Penn State vs. Ohio State …. Soldier Field (Chicago, IL)

PAC 10: USC vs Oregon….Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, Ca)

Big East: West Virginia vs. USF….The Meadowlands “Giant Stadium” (East Rutherford, NJ)

At Large: Notre Dame vs. Florida Virginia Tech….Orange Bowl (Miami, Fl)

At Large: LSU vs. Virginia TechTexas Tech….Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, La) this year (Atlanta, Ga)

Note: The at large bids will allow teams from non major conferences to qualify for the playoffs if they are ranked high enough. ie. Utah 2004 or Tulane 1999; This football season does not have a non BCS conference team of this caliber. Spots were based on this weeks BCS Rankings: 1. USC 2. Texas 3. Alabama 4. Miami 5. Penn State 6. Virginia Tech 7. LSU 8. Ohio State 9. Georgia 10. Oregon 11. Notre Dame 12. Texas Tech 13. Florida 14. West Virginia 18. Colorado 19. Florida State NR USF

Bye Weekends: Dec 10th 17th

Round Two: December 24th

8 teams

Match ups based on BCS seating with the four highest ranked BCS teams having home games

Round Three: December 31st

4 teams

Games played at the BCS bowls that were not used in round one.

The eventual championship game will be played at one of these bowls. Allowing fans from that team to remain in the city for the entire week. Also rotating from west coast to east coast on a yearly basis that way you do not have fans flying all over the country. ie. One year round three will be played Sugar and Orange with the one of those two stadiums hosting the championship game…and then the next year Rose and Fiesta with one of those two hosting the championship game.

Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Ca):

Fiesta Bowl (Phoenix, Az):

Championship Game: January 7th

Rose Bowl Pasadena, Ca

2 Teams the Two Best teams in America. Squaring off head to head. No doubts no controversy. One True Champion!

Note: At most four teams would play one more game than the current college football season is structured for. Two teams would play two more games than the college football season is currently structured for.

If you eliminate the 12th game that the NCAA voted to add in for all future seasons, only two teams would be playing one extra game.

This is how I think the BCS playoff system should take form. The dates will vary slightly from year to year, but this should allow student athletes adequate amount of time to study for finals and complete the football season before the start of the second semester. Also, allowing for so many great match-ups that we may otherwise never see; most importantly allowing for the creation of a true National Champion.

I’d like feedback on this idea and if you like it lets spread it around to the almighty ESPN/ABC, CNNSI (which published this suggestion), Coaches, and University Presidents and see if we can pick up some momentum for this BCS playoff system.

Doc Pedro

This is how we will all feel if the BCS Playoff system goes into place.