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Despite some close calls, Georgia was the only high profile casualty of the week.

Vince Young took over that game, perserved his Heisman campaign, and kept Texas atop the EDSBS ballot for at least one more week.

1. Texas. As we've said for weeks, not much difference in our minds between the top three so their order at this point is almost arbitrary. So, we keep Texas in that spot and we'll pretend we didn't see the first quarter. (After all, we kept USC in the top spot through several similar performances.)

2. USC. How many yards of total offense did they have? No really, how many?

3. Virginia Tech. BC provided enough competition to see that Virginia Tech is not flashy but really good. If they win this week, they could jump up a bit.

4. Alabama: 35 points looks better than 6, but considering the competition I'd say the offense still isn't exactly recovered from Prothro's loss. I can't justify moving them down too much yet, but I think they've got a good chance of finishing with 2 losses this year.

5. UCLA: They sure no how to keep the ratings of a game up for all 4 quarters. But, like Icarus before them, if they keep flying to close to the sun, they will burn.

6. Miami. I'll give them a pass on their lackluster performance because UNC has been getting better throughout the year, and they were obviously looking ahead to Virginia Tech.

7. Notre Dame. Bye. But watch out for a let down game against a low performing by talented Vols team with revenge on their mind. Very dangerous week for the Domers.

8. LSU. They are primed to make a big jump if they can take out Alabama. They are the better team on paper... of course they don't play games on paper.

9. Georgia. Losing Shockley was too much to overcome especially when the Gators had a bye week to get ready and remember that Georgia has been their bitch for 15 years now.

10. Penn State: Go Joe Go. Go Joe Go.

If you root against Jo Pa, you risk waking up with a horses head in your bed.

11. Ohio State. Bust out your sweater vests fans, the weather is getting chilly and Tressel has the Buckeyes on a bit of a roll.

12. Florida State. Too close for comfort. Especially since I think they got bailed out of a 4th and 6 incompletion by a tough pass interference call.

13. Auburn: I'm looking forward to that game against the Dawgs in two weeks.

14. Oregon: Bye.

15. Florida: They had their usual amount of long touchdown drives this week against a tough bye squad.

16. Texas Tech. The Baylor game was closer than the score indicated.

17. Wisconsin. Nice game by Calhoun... but then again, it was against the Zooker.

As a Gator Alum, I just can't help myself from making Zooker cracks.

18: West Virginia: Bye.

19. Boston College. They are what they are. A quality opponent for the heavy weights of their conference.

20: Fresno State: Their only loss was to Oregon, which doesn't look so bad anymore.

21: Louisville: They finally get a Big East victory. Weren't they supposed to dominate this conference this year?

22. TCU: They came close to losing their ranked status for good this week.

23. Michigan: I think they've hit their bottom and can now concentrate on trying to ruin Ohio State's season.

24. Cal: They back in the rankings on a bye week by virtue of the failure of others. They'll get a chance to show if they belong this week against the Ducks.

25. Rutgers: They may not really be in the top 25 best teams in the country if everyone played the same schedule, but when you have a chance to rank Rutgers (like Vandy or Wake), you've got to take it because it may never come back. Congrats on being bowl eligible.

Under consideration:

South Carolina, Colorado, Utep, Georgia Tech and Idaho.