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So distraught as I was after seeing Orson predict that the Gators would lose to their Bitch over the last 15 years, I had to do something. So I consulted with noted TV psychic Ms. Cleo of the psychic friends network to see if she could comfort me. Well, Ms. Cleo was concerned about Georgia recovering from the loss of Shockley. In fact she told me that the stars fortold that Georgia would finish the season undefeated had Shockley not suffered his unfortunate fate. The spirits of the hereafter are now telling her that Florida pulls this one out 17-13 thanks to 5 turnovers by the Bulldogs and only one by the Gators. Unfortunately, she has also predicted that the game will be almost as unwatchable as UNC's 7-5 victory over Virginia. So it was a mixed bag for me.

"Leak will take a beating, but thanks to field position will finish victorious. But Gator Fans will still criticize Meyer's offense."