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Michael Vick aka Ron Mexico was probably the most exciting college football player to watch in our lifetime. He had a cannon for a left arm, and would make Reggie Bush look ordinary in the open field. Needless to say, when his little brother committed to Virginia Tech the expectations were through the roof. His college career got off to a rocky start to say the least, but after Beamer and Jenkins put Vick in his place with a year long suspension, his potential is starting to come to fruition. With each passing week, Vick makes me more of a believer. Sure he doesn't have the flash of Michael, but in many ways he is a more complete quarterback than his brother. The scary thing for defenses is that he gets better each week, which is understandable since he's only started 8 games in his career. Last week, his feet were the difference down the stretch in Va Tech's victory of Maryland, as he rushed for 133 yards. This week, it was a nice mix of the run and the pass. My prediction is that by next season (or perhaps the end of this season) he'll be a better quarterback than Vince Young (assuming he keeps his word and comes back). Maybe he'll provide enough pre-season ESPN-hype to give Va Tech a legitimate shot at playing for a mythical national championship.

Marcus Vick, a proud recipient of a rare EDSBS ballwashing.