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A little known secret about the UGA logo: it has a set of rules and restrictions surrounding it tighter than Sean Connery's man-girdle. The Dawgs happen to be extremely picky about where and when one should see the famous red and black G. To wit:

The University’s logo is not allowed on a toilet seat cover; a picture of Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad; a pale ale beverage; or a coffin.

As soon as we read this, we sought to find a way to profane the sacred G as quickly as we could, being the fans of lovely cursive script that we are. Our solution was to challenge Mr. 2Cents, Gator fan and resident Farkmaster, to create a single image accomplishing copyright violations on all four counts simultaneously. He came through with flying colors.

Enjoy some of Mr. 2 Cents and other Farkmasters' work at the Gator Farkatorium or the legendary Soonersfans Fark Board.

A yard sale that would make a UGA copyright lawyer have a stroke.