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While watching the debacle of the UF/LSU game, we also watched USC continue their pact with the devil by beating Notre Dame despite getting outplayed for most of the game by a bunch of guys recruited by--gulp!--Ty Willingham. Were it not for a single missed tackle and the goofiest, least athletic qb sneak we've ever seen, Notre Dame would have had the ultimate scalp for 2005. (Leinart truly did resemble a ballroom dancing fool, attempting to pirouette across the line like John O'Hurley in the middle of a particularly passionate flamenco routine.)

Leinart's been taking notes, judging by his qb sneak Saturday.

As it stands, USC will win out and likely face Texas in the Rose Bowl, winning their third national title and turning pro coach pumpkin Pete Carroll into a pedigreed collegiate coaching genius. Pete will, along with every team member on all three teams, live a long, prosperous life filled with strange successes until George Burns shows up in sunglasses and a red smoking jacket to claim their souls one by one.